Commit 94a061d1 authored by Simon McVittie's avatar Simon McVittie

tools: simplify linking

* dbus-send, dbus-uuidgen only need to link libdbus; libtool knows what
  extra libraries libdbus depends on
* dbus-monitor uses a Winsock header (on Windows) so it needs
  NETWORK_libs,but still doesn't need threads
* dbus-launch needs X (on Unix) but doesn't directly need threads or
parent b643d18a
......@@ -45,13 +45,22 @@ dbus_cleanup_sockets_SOURCES= \
dbus_uuidgen_SOURCES= \
dbus_send_LDADD= $(top_builddir)/dbus/ $(DBUS_CLIENT_LIBS)
dbus_send_LDADD = \
$(top_builddir)/dbus/ \
dbus_monitor_LDADD= $(top_builddir)/dbus/ $(DBUS_CLIENT_LIBS)
dbus_monitor_LDADD = \
$(top_builddir)/dbus/ \
$(NETWORK_libs) \
dbus_uuidgen_LDADD= $(top_builddir)/dbus/ $(DBUS_CLIENT_LIBS)
dbus_uuidgen_LDADD = \
$(top_builddir)/dbus/ \
dbus_launch_LDADD = \
EXTRA_DIST = strtoll.c strtoull.c
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