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a domain or local computer user or "S-1-5-18" for the
LOCAL_SYSTEM user</entry>
<entry>ARRAY of BYTE</entry>
<para>On Linux systems, the security label that would result
from the SO_PEERSEC getsockopt call. The array contains
the non-zero bytes of the security label in an unspecified
ASCII-compatible encoding<footnote>
<para>It could be ASCII or UTF-8, but could also be
ISO Latin-1 or any other encoding.</para>
</footnote>, followed by a single zero byte.</para>
For example, the SELinux context
(a string of length 27) would be encoded as 28 bytes
ending with ':', 's', '0', '\x00'.<footnote>
<para>Note that this is not the same as the older
GetConnectionSELinuxContext method, which does
not append the zero byte. Always appending the
zero byte allows callers to read the string
from the message payload without copying.</para>
On SELinux systems this is the SELinux context, as output
by <literal>ps -Z</literal> or <literal>ls -Z</literal>.
Typical values might include
On Smack systems, this is the Smack label.
Typical values might include
<literal>_</literal>, <literal>*</literal>,
<literal>User</literal>, <literal>System</literal>
or <literal>System::Shared</literal>.
On AppArmor systems, this is the AppArmor context,
a composite string encoding the AppArmor label (one or more
profiles) and the enforcement mode.
Typical values might include <literal>unconfined</literal>,
<literal>/usr/bin/firefox (enforce)</literal> or
<literal>user1 (complain)</literal>.
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