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dbus 1.12.14 (UNRELEASED)
Raise soft fd limit to match hard limit, even if unprivileged.
This makes session buses with many clients, or with clients that make
heavy use of fd-passing, less likely to suffer from fd exhaustion.
(dbus!103, Simon McVittie)
If a privileged dbus-daemon has a hard fd limit greater than 64K, don't
reduce it to 64K, ensuring that we can put back the original fd limits
when carrying out traditional (non-systemd) activation. This fixes a
regression with systemd >= 240 in which system services inherited
dbus-daemon's hard and soft limit of 64K fds, instead of the intended
soft limit of 1K and hard limit of 512K or 1M.
(dbus!103, Debian#928877; Simon McVittie)
Fix build failures caused by an AX_CODE_COVERAGE API change in newer
autoconf-archive versions (dbus#249, dbus!88; Simon McVittie)
Fix build failures with newer autoconf-archive versions that include
AX_-prefixed shell variable names (dbus#249, dbus!86; Simon McVittie)
Parse section/group names in .service files according to the syntax
from the Desktop Entry Specification, rejecting control characters
and non-ASCII in section/group names (dbus#208, David King)
Fix various -Wlogical-op issues that cause build failure with newer
gcc versions (dbus#225, dbus!109; David King)
Don't assume we can set permissions on a directory, for the benefit of
MSYS and Cygwin builds (dbus#216, dbus!110; Simon McVittie)
• Don't overwrite PKG_CONFIG_PATH and related environment variables when
the pkg-config-based version of DBus1Config is used in a CMake project
(dbus#267, dbus!96; Clemens Lang)
dbus 1.12.12 (2018-12-04)
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