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Prepare 1.9.20 (1.10rc1)

parent 267222b5
D-Bus 1.9.20 (UNRELEASED)
D-Bus 1.10.0 (UNRELEASED)
Summary of major changes since 1.8.0:
• The basic setup for the well-known system and session buses is
now done in read-only files in ${datadir} (normally /usr/share).
See the NEWS entry for 1.9.18 for details.
• AppArmor integration has been merged, with features similar to the
pre-existing SELinux integration. It is mostly compatible with the
patches previously shipped by Ubuntu, with one significant change:
Ubuntu's GetConnectionAppArmorSecurityContext method has been superseded
by GetConnectionCredentials and was not included.
• The --enable-user-session configure option can be enabled
by OS integrators intending to use systemd to provide a session bus
per user (in effect, treating all concurrent graphical and non-graphical
login sessions as one large session).
• The new listenable address mode "unix:runtime=yes" listens on
$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/bus, the same AF_UNIX socket used by the systemd
user session. libdbus and "dbus-launch --autolaunch" will connect to
this address by default. GLib ≥ 2.45.3 and sd-bus ≥ 209 have a
matching default.
• All executables are now dynamically linked to libdbus-1.
Previously, some executables, most notably dbus-daemon, were statically
linked to a specially-compiled variant of libdbus. This results in
various private functions in the _dbus namespace being exposed by the
shared library. These are not API, and must not be used outside
the dbus source tree.
• On platforms with ELF symbol versioning, all public symbols
are versioned LIBDBUS_1_3.
New bus APIs:
• org.freedesktop.DBus.GetConnectionCredentials returns
LinuxSecurityLabel where supported
• org.freedesktop.DBus.Monitoring interface (privileged)
· BecomeMonitor method supersedes match rules with eavesdrop=true,
which are now deprecated
• org.freedesktop.DBus.Stats interface (semi-privileged)
· now enabled by default
· new GetAllMatchRules method
New executables:
• dbus-test-tool
• dbus-update-activation-environment
New optional dependencies:
• The systemd: pseudo-transport requires libsystemd or libsd-daemon
• Complete documentation requires Ducktype and yelp-tools
• Full test coverage requires GLib 2.36 and PyGI
• AppArmor integration requires libapparmor and optionally libaudit
Dependencies removed:
• dbus-glib
D-Bus 1.9.20 (2015-08-06)
The “Remember Tomorrow” release.
This is a release-candidate for D-Bus 1.10.0. OS distribution vendors
should test it.
• Don't second-guess what the ABI of poll() is, allowing it to be used
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ AC_PREREQ([2.63])
m4_define([dbus_major_version], [1])
m4_define([dbus_minor_version], [9])
m4_define([dbus_micro_version], [19])
m4_define([dbus_micro_version], [20])
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ LT_CURRENT=17
## increment any time the source changes; set to
## 0 if you increment CURRENT
## increment if any interfaces have been added; set to 0
## if any interfaces have been changed or removed. removal has
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