Commit 595dc4f8 authored by Simon McVittie's avatar Simon McVittie

dbus-spawn: do not forget the exec() errno when the grandchild exits

As is already noted in a comment in
_dbus_babysitter_set_child_exit_error(), if the grandchild fails
to exec() the desired process, we get both CHILD_EXEC_FAILED (with
an errno) and CHILD_EXITED (with a status), and we want to report
the former, since it is more informative. However, clearing
sitter->errnum meant we lose the errno value.

Reviewed-by: Ross Lagerwall
parent acec88f3
......@@ -454,9 +454,25 @@ read_data (DBusBabysitter *sitter,
if (what == CHILD_EXITED)
/* Do not reset sitter->errnum to 0 here. We get here if
* the babysitter reports that the grandchild process has
* exited, and there are two ways that can happen:
* 1. grandchild successfully exec()s the desired process,
* but then the desired process exits or is terminated
* by a signal. The babysitter observes this and reports
* 2. grandchild fails to exec() the desired process,
* attempts to report the exec() failure (which
* we will receive as CHILD_EXEC_FAILED), and then
* exits itself (which will prompt the babysitter to
* to take precedence (and have its errno logged),
* which _dbus_babysitter_set_child_exit_error() does.
sitter->have_child_status = TRUE;
sitter->status = arg;
sitter->errnum = 0;
_dbus_verbose ("recorded child status exited = %d signaled = %d exitstatus = %d termsig = %d\n",
WIFEXITED (sitter->status), WIFSIGNALED (sitter->status),
WEXITSTATUS (sitter->status), WTERMSIG (sitter->status));
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