Commit 3ca8a279 authored by Joe Shaw's avatar Joe Shaw

2005-01-12 Joe Shaw <>

	* NEWS: Update for 0.23.

	* Release 0.23.
parent ce11956e
2005-01-12 Joe Shaw <>
* NEWS: Update for 0.23.
* Release 0.23.
2005-01-12 Joe Shaw <>
* mono/, mono/example/ Always build the
D-BUS 0.23 (11 Jan 2005)
- add setgroups() to drop supplementary groups
- updated SELinux support
- add an "at console" security policy
- fix a bug where org.freedesktop.DBus wasn't recognized as an existing
- error out if --enable-mono is explicitly set and mono libs can't be found
- set the max_match_rules_per_connection limit from the config file.
- removed dbus_bug_get_with_g_main since it's been replaced by
- fix fd leaks in socket code
- lots and lots of mono binding updates, including fixes to make it
compatible with Mono 1.1.3
- added --nofork option to override config file setting at runtime
- added support for int64 and uint64 to the python bindings
- lots of python binding updates
- config file DTD updates
- use SerivceOwnerChanges signal instead of ServiceCreated and
- fixes to the authentication code
- new init script for Slackware
- print out the pid even when --fork is passed
- increase preallocation sizes in DBusMessage to heavily reduce
- lots of performance enhancements
- lots more small bug fixes
D-BUS 0.22
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ AC_PREREQ(2.52)
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(dbus, 0.22)
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(dbus, 0.23)
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