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    2003-03-23 Havoc Pennington <hp@pobox.com> · c3af5ccd
    Havoc Pennington authored
    	* dbus/dbus-threads.c (dbus_mutex_new, dbus_condvar_new): with
    	DBUS_BUILD_TESTS, actually alloc/free a block of memory for
    	the mutex, so we can check for proper memory management
    	and OOM handling.
    	* dbus/dbus-dataslot.c: remove the mutex from
    	DBusDataSlotAllocator and lock it manually when using it,
    	to simplify fitting it into the global slots framework.
    	* dbus/dbus-threads.c (init_static_locks): rework how we're
    	handling global locks so they are easily shut down.
    	* bus/policy.c (bus_policy_append_rule): fix
    	* bus/test-main.c (main): check for memleaks
    	* dbus/dbus-test.c (dbus_internal_do_not_use_run_tests): make
    	test suite check for memleaks
    	* dbus/dbus-memory.c: add support in test mode for tracking
    	number of outstanding blocks
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