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    These are all patches from Kjartan Maraas <kmaraas at gnome dot org> · 9a3145b9
    John Palmieri authored
    with cleanups of bugs found from Coverity reports:
    * dbus/dbus-sysdeps-util.c (_dbus_write_pid_file):
      close the file on error to avoid a leak
    * bus/expirelist.c (bus_expire_list_test):
      Check for NULL on dbus_new0
    * bus/activation.c (update_directory):
      remove dead code
    * bus/config-parser.c (merge_service_context_hash, start_selinux_child):
      Fix some leaks
    * bus/bus.c (process_config_every_time):
      Fixed a leak
    * bus/desktop-file.c (parse_key_value):
      Fixed leak
    * bus/selinux.c (bus_selinux_id_table_insert):
      Fixed leak
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