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Move some test code from dbus/ and bus/ into test/

Simon McVittie requested to merge smcv/dbus:test-bundling into master

dbus currently has too much test code in bus/ and dbus/. This is awkward for several reasons:

  • we need to compile the test binaries alongside the rest of bus/ and dbus/, but then run them from test/
  • the test code gets counted as part of bus/ and dbus/ when computing coverage statistics, distorting our ideas about the coverage of the actual production code
  • the "embedded tests" should not be compiled into libdbus and dbus-daemon when building secure, efficient production dbus binaries, but then we lose test coverage by disabling them
  • the test framework used for the "embedded tests" makes it hard to skip tests that take forever and might not even be relevant to the bug/feature you're actually working on

This branch attempts to clean that up.

Fixes: #223 (closed)

This branch requires and includes !73 (merged), !74 (merged) and (currently a rebase of) !75 (merged).

Edited by Simon McVittie

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