1. 12 Jun, 2006 3 commits
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  3. 09 Jun, 2006 1 commit
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      Patch from Timo Hoenig <thoenig@suse.de>. · a0ccd8a2
      Thiago Macieira authored
              * qt/dbus/Makefile.am: New file.  Fix "make dist", add all
              headers required during build to EXTRA_DIST.
              * qt/src/Makefile.am: Fix "make dist", add 'qdbus.h' to
              * qt/Makefile.am: Fix "make dist", add 'dbus' to DIST_SUBDIRS.
              * configure.in: Fix "make dist", take care that the Makefile
              for qt/dbus is being generated.
  4. 07 Jun, 2006 6 commits
  5. 06 Jun, 2006 3 commits
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      2005-05-06 Robert McQueen <robot101@debian.org> · fb41330d
      Robert McQueen authored
      	* glib/dbus-gvalue-utils.c: Spotted a warning about the return value
      	  of g_slist_prepend not being used. Fixed copying of slist-based
      	  specialised collections, then wrote a test case and found that it was
      	  all broken. Went on to fix iterating and appending too. Good thing
      	  nobody uses this code yet.
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      2005-05-06 Robert McQueen <robot101@debian.org> · 952f6fd3
      Robert McQueen authored
      	* glib/dbus-gvalue-utils.c: Remove duplicated code by having all of
      	  the iterators use gvalue_take_ptrarray_value (the GValues themselves
      	  are discarded without unsetting, so it makes no difference whether
      	  we take or set_static). Remove cases for G_TYPE_POINTER because
      	  there really is nothing useful we can do with them in our
      	  specialised types - we *need* boxed copy/free functions at the very
  6. 05 Jun, 2006 1 commit
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      * qt/dbus: Add directory. I had forgotten to add this · 517b8c24
      Thiago Macieira authored
      	yesterday after the move...
      	* qt/examples/Makefile.am:
      	* qt/examples/dbus.cpp: Moved to qt/tools/dbus.cpp.
      	* qt/tools/Makefile.am:
      	* qt/tools/dbus.cpp: Moved from qt/examples/dbus.cpp.
      	Added feature to get and set properties.
      	Added validation of service, object path and interface names.
      	* qt/tools/dbusidl2cpp.cpp: Two new features:
      	1) Allow specifying both the header and the source file names,
      	by separating them with a colon.
      	2) Don't write an interface output if the -p switch wasn't
      	given, but the -a was.
      	* qt/src/*: Fix usage of Iterators and ConstIterators.
      	Fix shadowing of variables by other variables (-Wshadow).
      	Fix keyword-cleanliness in headers.
      	Fix ASCII-cast (QLatin1String, QLatin1Char).
      	Fix validation of member names.
      	Add extra checking of introspection data during XML parsing.
      	Various bug fixes.
  7. 04 Jun, 2006 3 commits
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  10. 21 May, 2006 1 commit
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      2006-05-21 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · 5bc9dc5c
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* glib/dbus-gproxy.c: Put in a pile of assertions that the proxy name
      	is not NULL when it shouldn't be. Also a couple of possible fixes
      	for #4637 though I don't understand why the bug happens, to be
      	honest... also the object constructor has an assert name != NULL
      	and the name is only currently NULL for peer-to-peer proxies that
      	I don't think anyone uses? So it should be asserting.
      	Anyway, for now at least see if we get an earlier assertion failure.
      	* glib/dbus-gvalue-utils.c: Put in a couple of assertions for
      	apparently broken code to be sure the tests fail and someone
      	will fix them...
  11. 07 May, 2006 1 commit
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  14. 02 May, 2006 1 commit
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      * qt/dbusidl2cpp.cpp: There's no callAsync. Use the correct · 838a740e
      Thiago Macieira authored
              call (r535506)
      	* qt/dbusidl2cpp.cpp:
      	* qt/qdbusabstractadaptor.cpp:
      	* qt/qdbusabstractadaptor.h: Make QDBusAdaptorConnector be a
              sibling of the QDBusAbstractAdaptor objects instead of the
              parent. (r535848)
      	* qt/dbusidl2cpp.cpp:
      	* qt/qdbusabstractinterface.cpp:
      	* qt/qdbusabstractinterface.h:
      	* qt/qdbusabstractinterface_p.h:
      	* qt/qdbusinterface.cpp: Make properties in interfaces
              actually work. The code that was generated would not compile,
              due to moc calls to functions that did not exist. They now
              shall. (r536571)
  15. 30 Apr, 2006 2 commits
  16. 29 Apr, 2006 4 commits
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      * qt/dbusidl2cpp.cpp: There's no callAsync. Use the correct · c3181527
      Thiago Macieira authored
              call. (r535506)
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      * qt/examples/dbus.cpp: Enhance error messages and use · 3ad7ee63
      Thiago Macieira authored
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      * qt/qdbusinterface.h: Rename QDBusRef to QDBusInterfacePtr · 7cabddaa
      Thiago Macieira authored
              and disable the copy operators. (r533772, r534746)
              * qt/qdbuserror.h: Remove the automatic cast to
                bool. (r533929)
              * qt/qdbusabstractinterface.cpp:
              * qt/qdbusabstractinterface.h: Change the default call mode to
              not use the event loop. Add convenience call() methods that
              take a CallMode parameter. (r534042)
              * qt/qdbusconnection.h: Change the default call mode to not
              use the event loop. (r534042)
              * qt/qdbusinterface.cpp:
              * qt/qdbusinterface.h: Add a method to tell us if the
              interface is valid (since we don't return a null pointer
              anymore) (r534099)
              * qt/qdbusinterface_p.h: Don't crash if metaObject is 0
              * qt/qdbusinternalfilters.cpp: Decouple the introspection
              function in two so taht we get the chance to introspect
              without having a QDBusMessage (r534102)
              * qt/qdbusbus.h:
              * qt/qdbusconnection.cpp:
              * qt/qdbusconnection_p.h:
              * qt/qdbusintegrator.cpp: Keep a list of our own names to
              avoid a round-trip to the server when attempting to introspect
              one of our own objects. Also make sure the filter functions
              match the empty interface as well. (r534108)
              Don't keep the connection names. Instead, trust the unique
              connection name (r534111)
              Remove event loop usage (r534112)
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  17. 28 Apr, 2006 4 commits
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