1. 19 Mar, 2010 1 commit
  2. 01 Dec, 2009 8 commits
    • Tor Lillqvist's avatar
      Avoid warnings on Windows · 459c19b9
      Tor Lillqvist authored
      Remove unused functions, or put in #if 0 if potentially useful. Make
      internal functions used just in one file static. Use -Werror after all
      also on Windows. Construct the installation root from the location of
      the dbus DLL, not from the location of the program .exe of the
    • Tor Lillqvist's avatar
      Don't use DBUS_DIR_SEPARATOR · 99371721
      Tor Lillqvist authored
      I didn't cherry-pick the commit from dbus4win that introduced
      DBUS_DIR_SEPARATOR, as I think it just uglifies the code with little
      gain. (Forward) slashes work fine on Windows.
    • Frank Osterfeld's avatar
      Fixes to the nonce code · 0617102b
      Frank Osterfeld authored
      Cherry-picked from commit f9bc0f4bd036f6ede5d9850fb0f8587178c85f44 in
      the dbus4win repository, slightly massaged to apply by tml@iki.fi.
    • Frank Osterfeld's avatar
      Add api dox for nonce-tcp · c8f73b36
      Frank Osterfeld authored
      Cherry-picked from commit e7a070db22ed4a84dc04a062255356c9f6c4c9c5 in
      the dbus4win repository, trailing whitespace issues corrected by
    • Frank Osterfeld's avatar
      Fixes to the nonce code · fbd21dd0
      Frank Osterfeld authored
      On Unix, we create a 700 subdir in /tmp only readable by the user, on
      Windows we use the user-specific tmpdir and create the noncefile
      Add NonceFile to abstract this behaviour and to delete the noncefile
      and possibly tmpdir on shutdown.
      Cherry-picked from commit 885f16b90c4f769ae29f432d0ed2a63bb2e4dab8 in
      the dbus4win repository. Fixed to apply and correct whitespace issues
      by tml@iki.fi.
    • Frank Osterfeld's avatar
      Improve error handling in nonce code · b0091cf4
      Frank Osterfeld authored
      Replace errno (from assuan code) by DBusError. Errors are not passed
      through dbus_accept_with_nonce atm, as the original _dbus_accept() has
      no error arg either.
      Cherry-picked from commit 8082e92bb3a6304362e730f8b6e324860e1bb26c in
      the dbus4win repository, edited to apply and fix whitespace issues by
    • Frank Osterfeld's avatar
      Cleanup of nonce code · 25ceeeb6
      Frank Osterfeld authored
      Remove the write_file function and use the existing
      _dbus_string_save_to_file, improve error handling
      Cherry picked from commit 0f7b026d01be7e0fd444cdb56e5f9b7a5137a062 in
      the dbus4win repository. Edited to apply and fix whitespace issues by
    • Frank Osterfeld's avatar
      The current state of the nonce-tcp implementation · 5e2a99c1
      Frank Osterfeld authored
      Merged and cleaned up patch from my [Frank Osterfeld's] local work
      Cherry-picked from commit e2801eca57b2d9e09afd662ed5ef6fc83be73afc and
      edited by tml@iki.fi to make it apply, and fixing whitespace issues.