1. 18 Apr, 2003 1 commit
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      2003-04-18 Havoc Pennington <hp@pobox.com> · 3df260c0
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* glib/dbus-gmain.c: adapt to watch changes
      	* bus/bus.c, bus/activation.c, etc.: adjust to watch changes
      	* dbus/dbus-server.h: remove dbus_server_handle_watch
      	* dbus/dbus-connection.h: remove dbus_connection_handle_watch
      	* dbus/dbus-watch.c (dbus_watch_handle): change DBusWatch to work
      	like DBusTimeout, so we don't need dbus_connection_handle_watch
  2. 17 Apr, 2003 4 commits
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      2003-04-17 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · 88cd5da3
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* dbus/dbus-userdb.c, dbus/dbus-sysdeps.c: redo all the passwd
      	database usage so it all goes via the DBusUserDatabase cache.
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      2003-04-17 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · 4219b08b
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* dbus/dbus-mainloop.c (_dbus_loop_iterate): fix logic so that if
      	there was an OOM watch we skipped, we always return TRUE so we
      	iterate again to have a look at it again. Fixes test suite hang.
      	Code rearrangement also lets us lose some memset and only iterate
      	over callbacks once.
      	* bus/driver.c (bus_driver_handle_message): sense of test for
      	reply was backward
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      2003-04-16 Havoc Pennington <hp@pobox.com> · dac0a1f8
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* doc/dbus-specification.sgml: make spec say serials are unsigned
      	* dbus/dbus-message.h: change message serials to unsigned
      	* dbus/dbus-connection.c: adapt to message serials being unsigned
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      2003-04-15 Havoc Pennington <hp@pobox.com> · 7c022a80
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* bus/bus.c: create and keep around a shared DBusUserDatabase
      	* bus/connection.c (bus_connection_get_groups): don't cache
      	groups for user in the connection object, since user database
      	object now does that.
  3. 16 Apr, 2003 1 commit
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      2003-04-16 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · 4b45f179
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* dbus/dbus-message.c (_dbus_message_add_size_counter): keep a
      	list of size counters
      	(_dbus_message_loader_putback_message_link): put back a popped link
      	* dbus/dbus-connection.c
      	(dbus_connection_set_max_live_messages_size): rename
      	(dbus_connection_get_outgoing_size): get size of outgoing
      	(_dbus_connection_set_connection_counter): remove this cruft
  4. 14 Apr, 2003 3 commits
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      2003-04-14 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · fe1cb3a9
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* dbus/dbus-userdb.c: user database abstraction, mostly to get
      	caching, but at some point we might want to be able to use a
      	different database.
      	* bus/dispatch.c (bus_dispatch_sha1_test): add a test that uses
      	SHA1 conf file to test the sha1 auth mechanism, since the regular
      	test always uses EXTERNAL when available.
      	* configure.in,
      	add conf file that requires use of sha1 auth
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      2003-04-13 Havoc Pennington <hp@pobox.com> · 7c434a84
      Havoc Pennington authored
              * tools/dbus-send.c, tools/dbus-monitor.c: two utility programs
      	from Philip Blundell to send messages and monitor them.
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2003-04-13 Havoc Pennington <hp@pobox.com> · 777707ed
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* dbus/dbus-mainloop.c: fix some reentrancy issues by refcounting
      	* test/data/valid-config-files/debug-allow-all.conf.in: allow all
      	* dbus/dbus-transport.c (_dbus_transport_get_dispatch_status):
      	fix to only recover unused bytes if we're already authenticated
      	(_dbus_transport_get_is_authenticated): fix to still mark us
      	authenticated if there are unused bytes.
      	* bus/dispatch.c: implement security policy checking
      	* bus/connection.c (bus_transaction_send_from_driver): new
      	* bus/bus.c (bus_context_check_security_policy): new
      	* bus/dispatch.c (send_service_nonexistent_error): delete this,
      	now we just set the DBusError and it gets converted to an error
      	* bus/connection.c (allow_user_function): enable code using actual
      	data from the config file
      	* bus/policy.c (list_allows_user): handle wildcard rules for
      	user/group connection perms
  5. 13 Apr, 2003 2 commits
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      2003-04-13 Havoc Pennington <hp@pobox.com> · 8aabca8d
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* bus/config-parser.c: Load up the BusPolicy and BusPolicyRules
      	* dbus/dbus-sysdeps.c (_dbus_get_user_id): new function
      	* bus/policy.c (bus_policy_append_mandatory_rule)
      	(bus_policy_append_default_rule, bus_policy_append_user_rule)
      	(bus_policy_append_group_rule): new functions
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2003-04-12 Havoc Pennington <hp@pobox.com> · b09b7ca3
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* bus/config-parser.c (bus_config_parser_new): fix a memleak
      	* dbus/dbus-sysdeps.c: change DBusCredentials to use longs for
      	the pid/gid/uid, just for paranoia.
      	* test/break-loader.c (randomly_do_n_things): find a byte
      	containing a type code, and randomly change it to a different
      	type code.
  6. 12 Apr, 2003 1 commit
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      2003-04-12 Havoc Pennington <hp@pobox.com> · bc983ecf
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* bus/policy.h: change BusPolicy to be the thing from the config
      	file, and rename old BusPolicy to BusClientPolicy
      	* bus/bus.c, bus/connection.c, bus/config-parser.c: change to
      	match change in how policy works
      	* dbus/dbus-internals.h: mark assert_not_reached as
  7. 11 Apr, 2003 11 commits
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      2003-04-11 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · 4b773b4a
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* configure.in: add another directory to look for qt in.
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      2003-04-11 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · f4692372
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* AUTHORS: add Colin Walters
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2003-04-11 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · e486b3a6
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* NEWS: update
      	* configure.in: 0.9
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2003-04-11 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · a7ca4d94
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* bus/messagebus.in: remove pid file when stopping the
      	message bus, since the bus won't have privileges to remove it
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2003-04-11 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · fff4709b
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* bus/bus.c (bus_context_new): move credentials change after
      	creating pidfile
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      add DBUS_TYPE_INT64 · 477507c4
      Havoc Pennington authored
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      2003-04-11 Havoc Pennington <hp@pobox.com> · 77eac31a
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* test/decode-gcov.c: add "below average functions" to the
      	coverage report, and change how some of the code works.
      	* bus/test-main.c: bracket some stuff in DBUS_BUILD_TESTS so it's
      	not in the coverage stats.
      	* test/test-service.c (main): use _dbus_verbose not fprintf in a
      	couple places so running the test suite doesn't result in megaspam.
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2003-04-11 Havoc Pennington <hp@pobox.com> · a03e6267
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* bus/dispatch.c (check_existent_service_activation): accept a no
      	memory error in a place we didn't before
      	* bus/test.c (bus_test_run_everything): remove hacky "do it twice
      	in case the first one failed," since the test suite is less
      	broken now.
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2003-04-10 Havoc Pennington <hp@pobox.com> · 78e79022
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* bus/dispatch.c (check_segfault_service_activation): add test
      	for launching an executable that just crashes.
      	* test/test-segfault.c (main): try setting coredumpsize to 0 so we
      	don't leave a million cores. We'll see how portable this is.
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2003-04-10 Havoc Pennington <hp@pobox.com> · eb63ba50
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* dbus/dbus-spawn.c (_dbus_spawn_async_with_babysitter): move all
      	the possible parent failures before we fork, so that we don't
      	fail to create a babysitter after creating the child.
      	* bus/activation.c (bus_activation_activate_service): kill child
      	if we don't successfully complete the activation.
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2003-04-10 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · 6be547d3
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* dbus/dbus-connection.c (dbus_connection_flush): don't spin on
      	the connection if it's disconnected
      	* bus/activation.c (bus_activation_service_created): use new
      	transaction features to roll back removal of pending activation if
      	we don't successfully create the service after all. Don't remove
      	pending activation if the function fails.
      	* dbus/dbus-list.c (_dbus_list_insert_before_link)
      	(_dbus_list_insert_after_link): new code to facilitate
      	services.c fixes
      	* dbus/dbus-hash.c (_dbus_hash_table_insert_string_preallocated):
      	new functionality, so we can preallocate the ability to insert
      	into a hash table.
      	* bus/connection.c (bus_transaction_add_cancel_hook): new function
      	allowing us to put custom hooks in a transaction to be used for
      	cancelling said transaction
      	* doc/dbus-specification.sgml: add some discussion of secondary
      	service owners, and disallow zero-length service names
      	* bus/services.c (bus_registry_acquire_service): new function,
      	splits out part of bus_driver_handle_acquire_service() and fixes
      	a bug where we didn't remove the service doing the acquiring
      	from the secondary queue if we failed to remove the current owner
      	from the front of the queue.
  8. 10 Apr, 2003 6 commits
    • Alexander Larsson's avatar
      2003-04-10 Alexander Larsson <alexl@redhat.com> · 7074a246
      Alexander Larsson authored
      	* doc/dbus-specification.sgml:
    • Alexander Larsson's avatar
      2003-04-10 Alexander Larsson <alexl@redhat.com> · e11e4ca8
      Alexander Larsson authored
      	* bus/.cvsignore:
      	* glib/.cvsignore:
      	* test/.cvsignore:
      	Added files to cvsignore
      	* dbus/dbus-message.h:
      	* dbus/dbus-message.c: (dbus_message_iter_get_named):
      	Make get_named() take two out argument and return a boolean.
      	Update usage of get_named().
      	Fix typo
      	Fix typo
      	(message_iter_test), (check_message_handling_type), (_dbus_message_test):
      	More tests.
    • Alexander Larsson's avatar
      2003-04-10 Alexander Larsson <alexl@redhat.com> · e84c3a03
      Alexander Larsson authored
      	* dbus/dbus-marshal.[ch]:
      	Add array_type_pos argument to _dbus_marshal_validate_arg.
      	Let you pass a NULL end_pos to _dbus_marshal_validate_type.
      	* dbus/dbus-message.[ch]:
      	Multi-dimensional arrays have full type specification in the
      	outermost array. Iter code re-arranged to handle this.
      	Added some more iter tests.
      	* doc/dbus-specification.sgml:
      	Add me to authors.
      	Remove old FIXME.
      	Update new array encoding description.
      	* test/data/invalid-messages/array-with-mixed-types.message:
      	* test/data/valid-messages/array-of-array-of-uint32.message:
      	Change to the new array format.
      	* test/data/invalid-messages/too-short-dict.message:
      	Fix bug in test.
      	* test/data/valid-messages/recursive-types.message:
      	Fix up and extend test.
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2003-04-10 Havoc Pennington <hp@pobox.com> · 51781f54
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* bus/dispatch.c: lots of fixes
      	* dbus/dbus-mainloop.c (_dbus_loop_dispatch): export
      	(_dbus_loop_iterate): remove old "quit if no callbacks" code,
      	that was crack, broke the test service.
      	* dbus/dbus-transport.c (_dbus_transport_open): fix error
      	handling to avoid piling up errors if we get a failure on the
      	first address.
      	* dbus/dbus-internals.c (_dbus_real_assert_not_reached): include
      	pid in assertion failures.
      	* dbus/dbus-mainloop.c (_dbus_loop_iterate): use static arrays up
      	to some fixed size of file descriptor array. Don't return TRUE
      	anytime a timeout exists, that led to lots of busy loop silliness
      	in the tests.
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2003-04-09 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · 49f6e320
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* dbus/dbus-mainloop.c (check_timeout): fix timeouts, I thought
      	I'd checked this in earlier but hadn't.
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      - · 231fc084
      Havoc Pennington authored
  9. 09 Apr, 2003 3 commits
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2003-04-09 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · 7caf646f
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* test/test-utils.c: use dispatch status function to fix this up
      	* bus/connection.c (connection_watch_callback): don't dispatch
      	from here
      	(connection_timeout_callback): don't dispatch from here
      	(bus_connections_setup_connection): set the dispatch status function
      	(bus_connection_disconnected): unset it
      	* dbus/dbus-mainloop.c (_dbus_loop_queue_dispatch): new function
      	used to add a connection to be dispatched
      	(_dbus_loop_iterate): do the dispatching at the end of each
      	* dbus/dbus-connection.c
      	(dbus_connection_set_dispatch_status_function): new function
      	allowing us to fix up main loop usage
      	(_dbus_connection_last_unref): free all the various function
      	user data
      	(dbus_connection_dispatch): call the DispatchStatusFunction
      	whenever this function returns
      	(dbus_connection_handle_watch): call DispatchStatusFunction
      	(dbus_connection_send_with_reply_and_block): call DispatchStatusFunction
      	(reply_handler_timeout): call DispatchStatusFunction
      	(dbus_connection_flush): call DispatchStatusFunction
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2003-04-09 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · 1708094c
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* dbus/dbus-bus.c (dbus_bus_register): fix up error handling and
      	a memory leak
      	* bus/dispatch.c (check_service_activated): fix bug in test
      	* dbus/dbus-mainloop.c (check_timeout): fix this up
      	* dbus/dbus-internals.c (_dbus_verbose_real): include PID in
      	verbose output so we can sort out output from different processes,
      	e.g. in the activation case.
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2003-04-08 Colin Walters <walters@gnu.org> · 0e1945b3
      Havoc Pennington authored
       	* bus/bus.c (struct BusContext) [pidfile]: New member, to store
       	the pid file.
       	(bus_context_new): Set it.
       	(bus_context_unref): Use it to delete the pid file.
  10. 08 Apr, 2003 4 commits
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2003-04-08 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · 03663856
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* test/data/invalid-messages/array-with-mixed-types.message:
      	regression test that fails for the moment
      	* dbus/dbus-test.c (dbus_internal_do_not_use_run_tests): reorder
      	tests for convenience
      	* dbus/dbus-marshal.c (_dbus_marshal_validate_arg): don't allow
      	array of nil, it broke things.
      	* test/data/invalid-messages/array-of-nil.message: regression test
      	* test/data/valid-messages/array-of-array-of-uint32.message:
      	happened to write this so added it to suite
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2003-04-08 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · 6c241c10
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* bus/driver.c (bus_driver_handle_acquire_service): init
      	retval/reply before checking name
      	* dbus/dbus-marshal.c (_dbus_marshal_validate_arg): add a
      	recursion depth argument
      	* dbus/dbus-message.h (struct DBusMessageIter): put some padding
      	in the public struct for future extension
      	* dbus/dbus-message-builder.c (_dbus_message_data_load): fix
      	* dbus/dbus-marshal.c (_dbus_marshal_validate_arg): fix a verbose
      	* doc/dbus-specification.sgml: fix typo
    • Alexander Larsson's avatar
      2003-04-08 Alexander Larsson <alexl@redhat.com> · c5020ac8
      Alexander Larsson authored
      	Implemented recursive types, named types and new-style iters
      	* bus/driver.c:
      	* glib/test-thread-client.c: (thread_func):
      	* glib/test-thread-server.c: (handle_test_message):
      	* test/test-service.c: (handle_echo):
      	Update to new api
      	* dbus/Makefile.am:
      	* dbus/dbus-dict.c:
      	* dbus/dbus-dict.h:
      	* dbus/dbus.h
      	Remove DBusDict
      	* dbus/dbus-internals.c: (_dbus_type_to_string):
      	Update for new types.
      	* dbus/dbus-marshal.[ch]:
      	Implement recursive types and the new marshalling format.
      	Remove hardcoded dict marshalling.
      	Marshal named types.
      	* dbus/dbus-message-builder.c:
      	Add BYTE_ARRAY.
      	Remove references to old types
      	* dbus/dbus-message.[ch]:
      	New non-refcounted iter API that supports recursive iters.
      	Use iters for appending, including support for recursive
      	Add byte and named type support.
      	Update everything to new marshalling formats.
      	Add tests for new API.
      	* dbus/dbus-protocol.h:
      	Remove old array types.
      	Add types: BYTE, ARRAY, DICT, NAMED
      	* dbus/dbus-string.c:
      	* dbus/dbus-sysdeps.c:
      	Make parse_double locale safe.
      	* dbus/dbus-test-main.c:
      	Call setlocale.
      	* dbus/dbus-test.c:
      	Kill dict test
      	* doc/dbus-specification.sgml:
      	Update spec
      	* test/data/incomplete-messages/missing-body.message:
      	* test/data/invalid-messages/bad-boolean.message:
      	* test/data/invalid-messages/bad-boolean-array.message:
      	* test/data/invalid-messages/boolean-array-length-too-long.message-raw:
      	* test/data/invalid-messages/boolean-has-no-value.message-raw:
      	* test/data/invalid-messages/too-short-dict.message:
      	* test/data/valid-messages/dict-simple.message:
      	* test/data/valid-messages/dict.message:
      	* test/data/valid-messages/emptiness.message:
      	* test/data/valid-messages/lots-of-arguments.message:
      	* test/data/valid-messages/no-padding.message:
      	* test/data/valid-messages/recursive-types.message:
      	Add missing NAME fields
      	Fix up dicts & arrays
      	* test/data/invalid-messages/dict-with-nil-value.message:
      	Removed, this is not invalid anymore.
      	* test/data/valid-messages/recursive-types.message:
      	Add new test for deeply recursive types.
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2003-04-07 Havoc Pennington <hp@pobox.com> · a162febe
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* bus/driver.c (bus_driver_handle_acquire_service): return an
      	error if you try to acquire a service that starts with ':'
  11. 07 Apr, 2003 4 commits
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2003-04-07 Havoc Pennington <hp@redhat.com> · fe22b219
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* doc/dbus-specification.sgml: require that base service names
      	start with ':' and that the base service is created/deleted
      	as first and last things a connection does on the bus
      	* bus/dispatch.c (check_existent_service_activation): lots more
      	work on the activation test; it doesn't fully pass yet...
      	* test/test-service.c (main): fix so we don't memleak the
      	connection to the message bus
      	(filter_func): accept a message asking us to exit
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      having a bad cvs add day apparently · 1617fbe3
      Havoc Pennington authored
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      commit missing files · 4067152e
      Havoc Pennington authored
    • Havoc Pennington's avatar
      2003-04-06 Havoc Pennington <hp@pobox.com> · a7f69a41
      Havoc Pennington authored
      	* qt/Makefile.am (dbusinclude_HEADERS): install dbus-qt.h,
      	from Colin Walters
      	* configure.in: fixes to Qt detection from Colin Walters
      	* doc/Makefile.am: Only remove generated docbook dirs if they
      	exist, from Colin Walters
      	* dbus/dbus-bus.c: change how we set well-known connections to
      	NULL, so that it works if a single connection is stored in
      	two well-known array slots.
      	* test/Makefile.am: remove a lot of stuff that isn't immediately
      	useful, it's in CVS history if we want it.
      	* test/test-service.c: use dbus-mainloop instead of that
      	watch.[hc] crack