1. 06 Feb, 2010 3 commits
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  4. 22 Dec, 2009 1 commit
  5. 18 Dec, 2009 2 commits
  6. 01 Dec, 2009 11 commits
    • Tor Lillqvist's avatar
      Don't fake network errno values on Windows · ad8bc4c6
      Tor Lillqvist authored
      Don't pretend there exists errno values for some network errors in the
      Microsoft C library. Just use the WinSock error values.
    • Frank Osterfeld's avatar
      Windows fixes · d9e4725f
      Frank Osterfeld authored
      Replace dbus_daemon_init() by dbus_publish_session_bus_address(),
      publishing the full address. Omit username from mutexes (not necessary
      as mutex names are local to session). Don't exit if publishing the
      address failed (allow multiple session bus instances per
      session). Based on 00ee92ae314 by Tor Lillqvist.
      Cherry-picked from commit 23945513e9a4da61d286ebfbce3897aa061ddbfe in
      the dbus4win repository by tml@iki.fi. Remove claim of that commit not
      being merged from README.dbus4win.
    • Tor Lillqvist's avatar
      Avoid warnings on Windows · 459c19b9
      Tor Lillqvist authored
      Remove unused functions, or put in #if 0 if potentially useful. Make
      internal functions used just in one file static. Use -Werror after all
      also on Windows. Construct the installation root from the location of
      the dbus DLL, not from the location of the program .exe of the
    • Tor Lillqvist's avatar
      Drop terminating slash in _dbus_get_tmpdir · 6ac1cf2e
      Tor Lillqvist authored
      The callers will append strings starting with a slash anyway.
    • Tor Lillqvist's avatar
      Look for config files also in the normal Unix-style location (cherry picked... · 22e434ab
      Tor Lillqvist authored
      Look for config files also in the normal Unix-style location (cherry picked from commit 445d1f780fb916f9087c0d95e7594ee5a425d43f)
    • Tor Lillqvist's avatar
      Use multi-byte string functions on Windows · db771786
      Tor Lillqvist authored
      Don't walk through char arrays that contain strings in the system
      codepage char by char looking for '\\'. There are double-byte
      characters in East Asian codepages where the second byte is a '\\'.
      (cherry picked from commit 61316262da466993abbcba010c6bac90bb0b1d43)
    • Frank Osterfeld's avatar
      Fixes to the nonce code · 0617102b
      Frank Osterfeld authored
      Cherry-picked from commit f9bc0f4bd036f6ede5d9850fb0f8587178c85f44 in
      the dbus4win repository, slightly massaged to apply by tml@iki.fi.
    • Frank Osterfeld's avatar
      Fix IPv6 setup (the default on Vista) · 9d27253f
      Frank Osterfeld authored
      Ensure that the right struct is passed.
      Cherry-picked from commit 172d60d100d04e301e51ff475ada02007f1709dc in
      the dbus4win repository by tml@iki.fi.
    • Frank Osterfeld's avatar
      Add api dox for nonce-tcp · c8f73b36
      Frank Osterfeld authored
      Cherry-picked from commit e7a070db22ed4a84dc04a062255356c9f6c4c9c5 in
      the dbus4win repository, trailing whitespace issues corrected by
    • Frank Osterfeld's avatar
      The current state of the nonce-tcp implementation · 5e2a99c1
      Frank Osterfeld authored
      Merged and cleaned up patch from my [Frank Osterfeld's] local work
      Cherry-picked from commit e2801eca57b2d9e09afd662ed5ef6fc83be73afc and
      edited by tml@iki.fi to make it apply, and fixing whitespace issues.
    • Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy's avatar
      Move some functions from dbus-sysdeps-util-win.c to dbus-sysdeps-win.c · a990f250
      Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy authored
      These are used by dbus-sysdeps-win.c and it is not linked together
      with dbus-sysdeps-util-win.c
      (cherry picked from commit 24b612adbf8045b8b00af15f8d44eb38f964641f)
  7. 30 Nov, 2009 21 commits