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* Released 0.62

(update ChangeLog and NEWS)
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2006-06-12 Thiago Macieira <>
* Released 0.62
2006-06-12 Thiago Macieira <>
* dbus/ Remove spurious semi-colons that
D-BUS 0.62 (12 June 2006)
- Doc fixes
- Added support for all data-types for the dbus tools
- Fixed eavesdropping on method calls (dbus-monitor)
- Fixed silent dropping of method calls with interface=NULL
- Fixed console ownership problems in Solaris
- Fixed installation of dbus-signature.h and #include it in dbus/dbus.h
- Flush the user database cache on config reload
- GLib bindings:
- Fix memory leaks
- Fix properties in DBusGProxy so that they can be given in any
- Added lots of assertions to ensure correct use
- Remove duplicated code
- Fix static string pointer uses in GPtrArray-based collections
- Python bindings:
- Remove reference to sys/cdefs.h
- Qt4 bindings:
- Code reorganized
- Added the dbusidl2cpp, dbuscpp2xml and dbus tools
- Added example programs (ping-pong, complex ping-pong, listnames, chat)
- Updated selftests
- Fixed compilation and .moc- and .ui-file processing and cleaning
- Made central classes derive from QObject
- Enhance error reporting
- Many bugfixes
- Mono bindings:
- Minor bugfixes
D-BUS 0.61 (24 Febuary 2006)
- Documentation all around
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