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Update NEWS

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D-Bus 1.11.0 (UNRELEASED)
The “peppermint deer” release.
• On non-Windows platforms, D-Bus requires an <inttypes.h> that defines
• On non-Windows platforms, dbus now requires an <inttypes.h> that defines
C99 constants such as PRId64 and PRIu64.
......@@ -12,8 +14,20 @@ Enhancements:
· Specify that services should not reply if NO_REPLY_EXPECTED was used
(fd.o #75749, Lars Uebernickel)
• Add a script to do continuous-integration builds, and metadata to run it
on To use this, clone the dbus git repository on GitHub
and set it up with; the only special setting needed is
"only build branches with a .travis.yml". (fd.o #93194, Simon McVittie)
• If dbus-daemon is run with --systemd-activation, do not require
org.freedesktop.systemd1.service to exist (fd.o #93194, Simon McVittie)
• Re-order dbus-daemon startup so that on SELinux systems, the thread
that reads AVC notifications retains the ability to write to the
audit log (fd.o #92832, Laurent Bigonville)
• Print 64-bit integers on non-GNU Unix platforms (fd.o #92043, Natanael Copa)
• When using the Monitoring interface, match messages' destinations
......@@ -27,6 +41,8 @@ Fixes:
<includedir>, apply the same relocation as for the Exec paths
in .service files (fd.o #92028, Simon McVittie)
• Add support for backtraces on Windows (fd.o #92721, Ralf Habacker)
• Fix many -Wpointer-sign warnings (fd.o #93069, Ralf Habacker)
D-Bus 1.10.6 (2015-12-01)
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