Commit df80949d authored by Simon McVittie's avatar Simon McVittie
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Remove duplicate nonce-tcp (service-side) transport on Windows

Turns out this was duplicated too. We can just use the
platform-independent version, which uses the same code.


Signed-off-by: default avatarSimon McVittie <>
Reviewed-by: Ralf Habacker's avatarRalf Habacker <>
Tested-by: Ralf Habacker's avatarRalf Habacker <>
parent ad724562
......@@ -57,33 +57,7 @@ _dbus_server_listen_platform_specific (DBusAddressEntry *entry,
method = dbus_address_entry_get_method (entry);
if (strcmp (method, "nonce-tcp") == 0)
const char *host;
const char *port;
const char *bind;
const char *family;
host = dbus_address_entry_get_value (entry, "host");
bind = dbus_address_entry_get_value (entry, "bind");
port = dbus_address_entry_get_value (entry, "port");
family = dbus_address_entry_get_value (entry, "family");
*server_p = _dbus_server_new_for_tcp_socket (host, bind, port,
family, error, TRUE);
if (*server_p)
else if (strcmp (method, "autolaunch") == 0)
if (strcmp (method, "autolaunch") == 0)
const char *host = "localhost";
const char *bind = "localhost";
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