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Fixed reference to cmake configure options.

parent 1332dba1
......@@ -31,24 +31,9 @@ win32-msvc
2. get dbus sources
3. mkdir dbus-build
4. cd dbus-build
5. cmake -G <msvc available target, see cmake --help for a list" <dbus-src-root>/cmake
5. cmake -G <msvc available target, see cmake --help for a list> <dbus-src-root>/cmake
6. make
7. make install
Some build options (use -D<key>=<value> on command line)
key description default value
--- ----------- -------------
DBUS_USE_EXPAT "Use expat (== ON) or libxml2 (==OFF) OFF
DBUS_DISABLE_ASSERTS "Disable assertion checking" OFF
DBUS_BUILD_TESTS "enable unit test code" ON
DBUS_ENABLE_ANSI "enable -ansi -pedantic gcc flags" OFF
DBUS_ENABLE_GCOV "compile with coverage profiling
instrumentation (gcc only)" OFF
DBUS_ENABLE_VERBOSE_MODE "support verbose debug mode" ON
DBUS_DISABLE_CHECKS "Disable public API sanity checking" OFF
DBUS_INSTALL_SYSTEM_LIBS "install required system libraries
(mingw: libxml2, libiconv, mingw10)" OFF
CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE "build type (== debug) or (== release) release
A list of all build options could be find in the file ../README.
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