Commit c3fe204d authored by Peter McCurdy's avatar Peter McCurdy Committed by Colin Walters

Bug 17280: Add a prototype for _dbus_credentials_add_adt_audit_data()

	* dbus/dbus-credentials.h: Add a prototype for
Signed-off-by: Colin Walters's avatarColin Walters <>
parent f2922ce4
......@@ -47,6 +47,9 @@ dbus_bool_t _dbus_credentials_add_unix_uid (DBusCredentials
dbus_uid_t uid);
dbus_bool_t _dbus_credentials_add_windows_sid (DBusCredentials *credentials,
const char *windows_sid);
dbus_bool_t _dbus_credentials_add_adt_audit_data (DBusCredentials *credentials,
void *audit_data,
dbus_int32_t size);
dbus_bool_t _dbus_credentials_include (DBusCredentials *credentials,
DBusCredentialType type);
dbus_pid_t _dbus_credentials_get_unix_pid (DBusCredentials *credentials);
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