Commit bca5a846 authored by Simon McVittie's avatar Simon McVittie Committed by Simon McVittie

Travis-CI: Get new autoconf-archive from Ubuntu

Hopefully this has better uptime than, which is
really an archival service rather than a production component.

This particular autoconf-archive version was in Ubuntu 16.10, so it
should stay around for a while.
Signed-off-by: default avatarSimon McVittie <>
(cherry picked from commit 9935a5b7)
parent dff8e78a
......@@ -145,7 +145,7 @@ case "$ci_distro" in
case "$ci_suite" in
# Ubuntu 14.04's autoconf-archive is too old
$sudo dpkg -i autoconf-archive_*_all.deb
rm autoconf-archive_*_all.deb
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