Commit b6769bc6 authored by Simon McVittie's avatar Simon McVittie

More NEWS for 1.7

parent b811228f
......@@ -29,11 +29,24 @@ Fixes:
• Fix building with Valgrind 3.8, at the cost of causing harmless warnings
with Valgrind 3.6 on some compilers (fd.o #55932, Arun Raghavan)
• Merge <servicehelper> from system-local.conf if necessary (fd.o #51560,
Krzysztof Konopko)
• Under CMake, prefer xmlto over meinproc (fd.o #59733, Ralf Habacker)
• Stop duplicating CMake's own logic to find libexpat
(fd.o #59733, Ralf Habacker)
• Don't assume CMake host and build system are the same (fd.o #59733,
Ralf Habacker)
• Unix-specific:
· Check for functions in libpthread correctly, fixing compilation on
(at least) OpenBSD (fd.o #47239, Simon)
· Don't leak temporary fds pointing to /dev/null (fd.o #56927,
· Update sd-daemon.[ch] from systemd (fd.o #60681)
· Add partial support for QNX (fd.o #60339, Matt Fischer)
• Windows-specific:
· The default session bus listening and connecting address is now
......@@ -41,6 +54,7 @@ Fixes:
and GDBus "out of the box". Use the configure options and cmake variables
described above if you require a different autolaunch scope.
(fd.o #38201, Simon McVittie)
· Avoid a CMake warning under Cygwin (fd.o #59401, Ralf Habacker)
• Create session.d, system.d directories under CMake (fd.o #41319,
Ralf Habacker)
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