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create a process for committing patches that doesn't bottleneck on Havoc

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......@@ -143,3 +143,38 @@ created invalid messages.
gives a complete report on test suite coverage. You can also run
"test/decode-gcov foo.c" on any source file to get annotated source,
after running make check with a gcov-enabled tree.
Please file them at under component
dbus, and also post to the mailing list for discussion. The commit
rules are:
- for fixes that don't affect API or protocol, they can be committed
if any one qualified reviewer other than patch author
reviews and approves
- for fixes that do affect API or protocol, two people
in the reviewer group have to review and approve the commit, and
posting to the list is definitely mandatory
- if there's a live unresolved controversy about a change,
don't commit it while the argument is still raging.
- regardless of reviews, to commit a patch:
- make check must pass
- the test suite must be extended to cover the new code
as much as reasonably feasible
- the patch has to follow the portability, security, and
style guidelines
- the patch should as much as reasonable do one thing,
not many unrelated changes
No reviewer should approve a patch without these attributes, and
failure on these points is grounds for reverting the patch.
The reviewer group that can approve patches: Havoc Pennington, Michael
Meeks, Alex Larsson, Zack Rusin, Joe Shaw, Mikael Hallendal, Richard
Hult, Owen Fraser-Green, Olivier Andrieu.
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