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NEWS so far

parent f50ea314
D-Bus 1.4.18 (UNRELEASED)
• Improve cmake build system (Ralf Habacker):
· simplify XML parser dependencies (fd.o #41027)
· generate build timestamp (fd.o #41029)
· only create batch files on Windows
· fix option and cache syntax
· add help-options target
· share with autotools rather than having our
own version (fd.o #41033)
• Build tests successfully with older GLib, as found in e.g. Debian 6
(fd.o #41219, Simon McVittie)
• Unix-specific:
· Avoid a highly unlikely fd leak (fd.o #29881, Simon McVittie)
· Don't close invalid fd -1 if getaddrinfo fails (fd.o #37258, eXeC001er)
  · Don't touch ~/.dbus and ~/.dbus-keyrings when running 'make installcheck'
(fd.o #41218, Simon McVittie)
• Windows-specific:
· Find the dbus-daemon executable next to the shared library (fd.o #41558;
Jesper Dam, Ralf Habacker)
D-Bus 1.4.16 (2011-09-21)
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