Commit 983cca44 authored by Colin Walters's avatar Colin Walters

Add Will Thompson and Simon McVittie to reviewers, add emails to all

The reviewer list was sorely lacking actual email addresses; fix this.
Also add Will and Simon.
parent d4440ef7
......@@ -321,8 +321,22 @@ rules are:
No reviewer should approve a patch without these attributes, and
failure on these points is grounds for reverting the patch.
The reviewer group that can approve patches: Havoc Pennington, Michael
Meeks, Alex Larsson, Zack Rusin, Joe Shaw, Mikael Hallendal, Richard
Hult, Owen Fraser-Green, Olivier Andrieu, Colin Walters, Thiago
Macieira, John Palmieri, Scott James Remnant.
The reviewer group that can approve patches:
Havoc Pennington <>
Michael Meeks <>
Alexander Larsson <>
Zack Rusin <>
Joe Shaw <>
Mikael Hallendal <>
Richard Hult <>
Owen Fraser-Green <>
Olivier Andrieu <>
Colin Walters <>
Thiago Macieira <>
John Palmieri <>
Scott James Remnant <>
Will Thompson <>
Simon McVittie <>
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