Commit 7fc9c026 authored by Simon McVittie's avatar Simon McVittie

Cope with platforms whose vsnprintf violates both POSIX and C99

Bug: Will Thompson's avatarWill Thompson <>
parent 029ecdf4
......@@ -3021,14 +3021,60 @@ _dbus_full_duplex_pipe (int *fd1,
* @param format a printf-style format string
* @param args arguments for the format string
* @returns length of the given format string and args
* @returns length of the given format string and args, or -1 if no memory
_dbus_printf_string_upper_bound (const char *format,
va_list args)
char c;
return vsnprintf (&c, 1, format, args);
char static_buf[1024];
int bufsize = sizeof (static_buf);
int len;
len = vsnprintf (static_buf, bufsize, format, args);
/* If vsnprintf() returned non-negative, then either the string fits in
* static_buf, or this OS has the POSIX and C99 behaviour where vsnprintf
* returns the number of characters that were needed, or this OS returns the
* truncated length.
* We ignore the possibility that snprintf might just ignore the length and
* overrun the buffer (64-bit Solaris 7), because that's pathological.
* If your libc is really that bad, come back when you have a better one. */
if (len == bufsize)
/* This could be the truncated length (Tru64 and IRIX have this bug),
* or the real length could be coincidentally the same. Which is it?
* If vsnprintf returns the truncated length, we'll go to the slow
* path. */
if (vsnprintf (static_buf, 1, format, args) == 1)
len = -1;
/* If vsnprintf() returned negative, we have to do more work.
* HP-UX returns negative. */
while (len < 0)
char *buf;
bufsize *= 2;
buf = dbus_malloc (bufsize);
if (buf == NULL)
return -1;
len = vsnprintf (buf, bufsize, format, args);
dbus_free (buf);
/* If the reported length is exactly the buffer size, round up to the
* next size, in case vsnprintf has been returning the truncated
* length */
if (len == bufsize)
len = -1;
return len;
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