Commit 7bcfcec5 authored by Simon McVittie's avatar Simon McVittie


parent 13d8bc76
D-Bus 1.9.2 (UNRELEASED)
The “structurally unsound flapjack” release.
• D-Bus Specification version 0.25
· new value 'const' for EmitsChangedSignal annotation
(fd.o #72958, Lennart Poettering)
· new ALLOW_INTERACTIVE_AUTHORIZATION flag, for PolicyKit and similar
(fd.o #83449; Lennart Poettering, Simon McVittie)
· annotate table of types with reserved/basic/container, and for
basic types, fixed/string-like
· clarify arbitrary limits by quoting them in mebibytes
· new value 'const' for EmitsChangedSignal annotation
• New API: add accessors for the ALLOW_INTERACTIVE_AUTHORIZATION flag
(fd.o #83449, Simon McVittie)
• Add dbus-test-tool, a D-Bus swiss army knife with multiple subcommands,
useful for debugging and performance testing:
......@@ -24,6 +32,16 @@ Fixes:
• Make the .pc file relocatable by letting pkg-config do all variable
expansion itself (fd.o #75858, Руслан Ижбулатов)
• Fix a build failure on platforms with kqueue, which regressed in 1.9.0
(fd.o #85563, Patrick Welche)
• Do not fail the tests if a parent process has leaked non-close-on-exec
file descriptors to us (fd.o #73689, fd.o #83899; Simon McVittie)
• Detect accept4, dirfd, inotify_init1, pipe2, and Unix fd passing
when building with cmake, and expand test coverage there
(fd.o #73689; Ralf Habacker, Simon McVittie)
D-Bus 1.9.0 (2014-10-01)
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