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Add a note about bootstrapping new platforms to README

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......@@ -140,3 +140,24 @@ Note that the high-level bindings are _separate projects_ from the
main D-Bus package, and have their own release cycles, levels of
maturity, and ABI stability policies. Please consult the documentation
for your binding.
Bootstrapping D-Bus on new platforms
A full build of D-Bus, with all regression tests enabled and run, has some
dependencies which themselves depend on D-Bus, either for compilation or
for some of *their* regression tests: GLib, dbus-glib and dbus-python are
currently affected.
To avoid circular dependencies, when bootstrapping D-Bus for the first time
on a new OS or CPU architecture, you can either cross-compile some of
those components, or choose the build order and options carefully:
* build and install D-Bus without tests
- do not use the --enable-modular-tests=yes configure option
- do not use the --enable-tests=yes configure option
* build and install GLib, again without tests
* use those versions of libdbus and GLib to build and install dbus-glib
* ... and use those to install dbus-python
* rebuild libdbus; this time you can run all of the tests
* rebuild GLib; this time you can run all of the tests
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