Commit 5de455c0 authored by Scott James Remnant's avatar Scott James Remnant Committed by Colin Walters
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Remove 6 hour timeout restriction.

* dbus/dbus-pending-call.c (_dbus_pending_call_new_unlocked): Now that
  the timeout math won't overflow, don't clamp to six hours.
Signed-off-by: default avatarScott James Remnant <>
(cherry picked from commit 7398ad73)
parent fc7b4fc9
......@@ -100,13 +100,6 @@ _dbus_pending_call_new_unlocked (DBusConnection *connection,
if (timeout_milliseconds == -1)
timeout_milliseconds = _DBUS_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT_VALUE;
/* clamp the timeout otherwise math in
* _dbus_connection_block_for_reply would get all overflow-prone
if ((timeout_milliseconds > _DBUS_ONE_HOUR_IN_MILLISECONDS * 6) &&
(timeout_milliseconds < _DBUS_INT_MAX))
timeout_milliseconds = _DBUS_ONE_HOUR_IN_MILLISECONDS * 6;
if (!dbus_pending_call_allocate_data_slot (&notify_user_data_slot))
return NULL;
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