Commit 452484e8 authored by Matt Fischer's avatar Matt Fischer Committed by Simon McVittie
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Add poll constants for QNX

The QNX operating system uses different values for its poll
constants, so they must be added into dbus-sysdeps.h in order
for poll() to work correctly.


Reviewed-by: default avatarSimon McVittie <>
parent 71992e9f
......@@ -278,6 +278,19 @@ dbus_int32_t _dbus_atomic_get (DBusAtomic *atomic);
#define _DBUS_POLLHUP 0x0080
/** Invalid request: fd not open */
#define _DBUS_POLLNVAL 0x1000
#elif defined(__QNX__)
/** Writing now will not block */
#define _DBUS_POLLOUT 0x0002
/** There is data to read */
#define _DBUS_POLLIN 0x0005
/** There is urgent data to read */
#define _DBUS_POLLPRI 0x0008
/** Error condition */
#define _DBUS_POLLERR 0x0020
/** Hung up */
#define _DBUS_POLLHUP 0x0040
/** Invalid request: fd not open */
#define _DBUS_POLLNVAL 0x1000
/** There is data to read */
#define _DBUS_POLLIN 0x0001
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