Commit 1d2f5607 authored by Ralf Habacker's avatar Ralf Habacker

Fix bus-test failure with cmake on unix.

SHA1 connection tests needs an non debug-pipe transport for the activation bus.
parent f1b9aac4
......@@ -477,8 +477,8 @@ if (DBUS_BUILD_TESTS)
set(TEST_LAUNCH_HELPER_BINARY ${EXECUTABLE_OUTPUT_PATH}/dbus-daemon-launch-helper-test)
if (UNIX)
set (TEST_LISTEN "debug-pipe:name=test-server")
set (TEST_LISTEN "debug-pipe:name=test-server</listen><listen>unix:tmpdir=${TEST_SOCKET_DIR}")
set (TEST_CONNECTION "debug-pipe:name=test-server")
endif (UNIX)
if (WIN32)
set (TEST_LISTEN "tcp:host=localhost,port=12436")
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