Commit 1ca1bd2c authored by Ralf Habacker's avatar Ralf Habacker

Revert "Fix memory leaks in bus_activation_service_reload_test() in case of errors."

This reverts commit d8569ac6.
parent d8569ac6
......@@ -2593,7 +2593,6 @@ bus_activation_service_reload_test (const DBusString *test_data_dir)
DBusString directory;
const char *tmp;
dbus_bool_t ret = FALSE;
if (!_dbus_string_init (&directory))
return FALSE;
......@@ -2601,14 +2600,16 @@ bus_activation_service_reload_test (const DBusString *test_data_dir)
tmp = _dbus_get_tmpdir ();
if (tmp == NULL)
goto out;
return FALSE;
if (!_dbus_string_append (&directory, tmp))
goto out;
return FALSE;
if (!_dbus_string_append (&directory, "/dbus-reload-test-") ||
!_dbus_generate_random_ascii (&directory, 6, NULL))
goto out;
return FALSE;
/* Do normal tests */
if (!init_service_reload_test (&directory))
......@@ -2630,13 +2631,11 @@ bus_activation_service_reload_test (const DBusString *test_data_dir)
/* Cleanup test directory */
if (!cleanup_service_reload_test (&directory))
goto out;
ret = TRUE;
return FALSE;
_dbus_string_free (&directory);
return ret;
return TRUE;
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