Commit 069c96cc authored by Antoine Jacoutot's avatar Antoine Jacoutot Committed by Simon McVittie
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use cp and mkdir -p instead of install within source tree

$(INSTALL) and $(INSTALL_DATA) try to change ownerships to root:bin when
copying tests to builddir. Presumably this is a difference in behaviour
between GNU and BSD install(1): the one in GNU coreutils doesn't try-and-fail
to change ownership if you're not root.

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Reviewed-by: default avatarSimon McVittie <>
parent 87035143
......@@ -296,14 +296,14 @@ EXTRA_DIST += $(static_data)
## copy tests to builddir so that generated tests and static tests
## are all in one place.
$(AM_V_at)$(INSTALL) -d data/valid-config-files/session.d
$(AM_V_at)$(MKDIR_P) data/valid-config-files/session.d
$(AM_V_at)set -e && \
if test $(srcdir) = . || test $(srcdir) -ef .; then \
echo '-- No need to copy test data as srcdir = builddir'; \
else \
for F in $(static_data); do \
$(INSTALL) -d $${F%/*}; \
$(INSTALL_DATA) $(srcdir)/$$F $$F; \
$(MKDIR_P) $${F%/*}; \
cp $(srcdir)/$$F $$F; \
done; \
......@@ -324,9 +324,9 @@ noinst_DATA = $(imported_data)
data/valid-config-files/session.conf: $(top_builddir)/bus/session.conf
$(AM_V_at)$(INSTALL) -d data/valid-config-files
$(AM_V_at)$(MKDIR_P) data/valid-config-files
$(AM_V_GEN)cp $< $@
data/valid-config-files/system.conf: $(top_builddir)/bus/system.conf
$(AM_V_at)$(INSTALL) -d data/valid-config-files
$(AM_V_at)$(MKDIR_P) data/valid-config-files
$(AM_V_GEN)cp $< $@
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