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    2002-12-26 Havoc Pennington <hp@pobox.com> · ff5283ab
    Havoc Pennington authored
    	* dbus/dbus-marshal.h (DBUS_COMPILER_BYTE_ORDER): #ifdef
    	WORDS_BIGENDIAN then compiler byte order is DBUS_BIG_ENDIAN,
    	* dbus/dbus-marshal.c: Add macros to do int swapping in-place and
    	avoid swap_bytes() overhead (ignoring possible assembly stuff for
    	now). Main point is because I wanted unpack_uint32 to implement
    	(_dbus_verbose_bytes): new function
    	* dbus/dbus-string.c (_dbus_string_validate_ascii): new function
    	* dbus/dbus-message.c (_dbus_message_loader_get_is_corrupted): add
    	mechanism to handle a corrupt message stream
    	(_dbus_message_loader_new): fix preallocation to only prealloc,
    	not prelengthen
    	* dbus/dbus-string.c (_dbus_string_skip_blank): fix this function
    	(_dbus_string_test): enhance tests for copy/move and fix the
    	* dbus/dbus-transport-unix.c: Hold references in more places to
    	avoid reentrancy problems
    	* dbus/dbus-transport.c: ditto
    	* dbus/dbus-connection.c (dbus_connection_dispatch_message): don't
    	leak reference count in no-message case
    	* test/watch.c (do_mainloop): handle adding/removing watches
    	during iteration over the watches. Also, ref the connection/server
    	stored on a watch, so we don't try to mangle a destroyed one.
    	* dbus/dbus-transport-unix.c (do_authentication): perform
    	* dbus/dbus-auth.c (get_state): add a state
    	AUTHENTICATED_WITH_UNUSED_BYTES and return it if required
    	(_dbus_auth_get_unused_bytes): append the unused bytes
    	to the passed in string, rather than prepend
    	* dbus/dbus-transport.c (_dbus_transport_init_base): create
    	the auth conversation DBusAuth
    	* dbus/dbus-transport-unix.c (_dbus_transport_new_for_fd)
    	(_dbus_transport_new_for_domain_socket): when creating a
    	transport, pass in whether it's a client-side or server-side
    	transport so we know which DBusAuth to create
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