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    2003-01-27 Anders Carlsson <andersca@codefactory.se> · ee1133de
    Anders Carlsson authored
    	* bus/dispatch.c: (bus_dispatch_message_handler):
    	Dispatch messages sent to services.
    	* bus/driver.c: (bus_driver_send_service_deleted),
    	(bus_driver_send_service_created), (bus_driver_send_service_lost),
    	Add helper functions for sending service related messages.
    	Send HELLO_REPLY instead of WELCOME.
    	New message handlers.
    	Invoke new message handlers.
    	Don't remove any services here since that's done automatically
    	by bus_service_remove_owner now.
    	* bus/driver.h:
    	New function signatures.
    	* bus/services.c: (bus_service_add_owner):
    	Send ServiceAcquired message if we're the only primary owner.
    	Send ServiceAcquired/ServiceLost messages.
    	Functions for setting prohibit replacement.
    	New function that checks if a connection is in the owner queue of
    	a certain service.
    	* bus/services.h:
    	Add new function signatures.
    	* dbus/dbus-list.c: (_dbus_list_test):
    	Add tests for _dbus_list_remove_last and traversing the list backwards.
    	* dbus/dbus-list.h:
    	Fix a typo in _dbus_list_get_prev_link, if we're at the first element we can't
    	go any further, so return NULL then.
    	* dbus/dbus-protocol.h:
    	Add new messages, service flags and service replies.
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