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    2005-03-17 Colin Walters <walters@verbum.org> · a6558767
    Colin Walters authored
    	* bus/print-introspect.c: Move to tools/.
    	* bus/run-with-tmp-session-bus.sh: Ditto.
    	* glib/Makefile.am (dbus-glib-bindings.h): Move
    	generation to tools/Makefile.am.
    	* test/glib/run-test.sh: Update to handle move
    	of run-with-tmp-session-bus.sh.
    	* test/glib/test-service-glib.c: Update to handle
    	move of dbus-glib-bindings.h.
    	* tools/print-introspect.c: Moved here
    	from bus/, and ported to GLib bindings.
    	* tools/run-with-tmp-session-bus.sh: Moved here
    	from bus/.
    	* tools/Makefile.am: Generate dbus-glib-bindings.h
    	and dbus-bus-introspect.xml here.
    	* tools/.cvsignore, glib/.cvsignore, bus/.cvsignore:
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