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    * Integrate patches from Lennart Poettering <mzsqb at 0pointer.de>: · 9ad0aafe
    John Palmieri authored
    - dbus/dbus-bus.c
    (internal_bus_get): new method that take over the heavy lifting
    of dbus_bus_get and adds the ability to get a private connection
    to the bus
    (dbus_bus_get): wrapper to internal_bus_get that provides the same
    interface as in previous versions
    (dbus_bus_get_private): new method that is a wrapper to
    internal_bus_get to get a private connection to the bus
    - dbus/dbus-bus.h
    (dbus_bus_get_private): add as a public libdbus interface
    - dbus-1.pc.in: output system_bus_default_address and
    sysconfdir variables so apps can use them when compiling
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