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    2003-09-21 Havoc Pennington <hp@pobox.com> · a683a80c
    Havoc Pennington authored
    	Get matching rules mostly working in the bus; only actually
    	parsing the rule text remains. However, the client side of
    	"signal connections" hasn't been started, this patch is only the
    	bus side.
    	* dbus/dispatch.c: fix for the matching rules changes
    	* bus/driver.c (bus_driver_handle_remove_match)
    	(bus_driver_handle_add_match): send an ack reply from these
    	method calls
    	* glib/dbus-gproxy.c (dbus_gproxy_begin_call): fix order of
    	arguments, reported by Seth Nickell
    	* bus/config-parser.c (append_rule_from_element): support
    	eavesdrop=true|false attribute on policies so match rules
    	can be prevented from snooping on the system bus.
    	* bus/dbus-daemon-1.1.in: consistently use terminology "sender"
    	and "destination" in attribute names; fix some docs bugs;
    	add eavesdrop=true|false attribute
    	* bus/driver.c (bus_driver_handle_add_match)
    	(bus_driver_handle_remove_match): handle AddMatch, RemoveMatch
    	* dbus/dbus-protocol.h (DBUS_SERVICE_ORG_FREEDESKTOP_BROADCAST): get
    	rid of broadcast service concept, signals are just always broadcast
    	* bus/signals.c, bus/dispatch.c, bus/connection.c, bus/bus.c:
    	mostly implement matching rules stuff (currently only exposed as signal
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