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    * tools/Makefile.am: Patch by Colin Walters that fixes distcheck · 6eab5141
    John Palmieri authored
    * dbus/dbus-userdb.c, dbus/dbus-userdb-util.c: Add patch we have
      had in Red Hat packages for a while but for some reason never
      got merged upstream
      (_dbus_is_a_number): New checks if a string
      can be converted to a number and does the conversion if it can
      (_dbus_user_database_lookup): Add check to see if the given username
      is a udi.  This allows udi's to be used instead of usernames in the
      config file.
      (_dbus_user_database_lookup_group): Add check to see if the given groupname
      is a gdi.  This allows gdi's to be used instead of groupnames in the
      config file.
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