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    2005-02-27 Colin Walters <walters@verbum.org> · 2b97fb81
    Colin Walters authored
    	* glib/dbus-gidl.c (property_info_get_type, arg_info_get_type):
    	Change return value to const char * instead of int so we can do
    	full signatures.
    	(struct PropertyInfo, struct ArgInfo): Store char *.
    	(property_info_new, arg_info_new): Update parameters, strdup.
    	(property_info_unref, arg_info_unref): Free.
    	* glib/dbus-gidl.h: Update prototypes.
    	* glib/dbus-gparser.c (basic_type_from_string): Delete.
    	(validate_signature): New function, just validates signature and
    	sets GError.
    	(parse_property, parse_arg): Invoke validate_signature.  Store
    	signature instead of just type code.
    	* glib/dbus-gvalue.c (base_type_from_signature): New utility
    	function to return a primary type for a signature, dropping
    	information about types in container types.
    	(dbus_gvalue_ctype_from_type): Update to take full signature
    	 instead of type code.
    	(dbus_gtype_to_dbus_type): Moved here from glib/dbus-gobject.c.
    	* glib/dbus-gvalue.h: Update prototypes for above.
    	* glib/dbus-gobject.c (gtype_to_dbus_type): Moved to
    	glib/dbus-gvalue.c as dbus_gtype_to_dbus_type.
    	(introspect_properties, introspect_signals, write_interface):
    	Update to handle signatures, and remove usage of
    	(handle_introspect): Print out type codes instead of e.g. "string"
    	in hardcoded introspection XML; also use x_AS_STRING constants
    	instead of hardcoding in string.
    	* glib/dbus-glib-tool.c (pretty_print): Handle signature change
    	to string.  Remove usage of _dbus_gutils_type_to_string.
    	* glib/dbus-gutils.c (_dbus_gutils_type_to_string): Delete.
    	* glib/dbus-gutils.h (_dbus_gutils_type_to_string): Update for
    	* glib/dbus-binding-tool-glib.c (compute_marshaller)
    	(compute_marshaller_name, generate_glue): Handle signature change
    	to string.
    	(write_formal_parameters, write_args_for_direction): Ditto, and
    	remove FIXME.
    	* tools/dbus-tree-view.c (type_to_string): Delete.
    	(info_set_func_text): Update to print full signatures.
    	* test/glib/test-service-glib.xml: Change types to new
    	introspection format.
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