Commit 616c769f authored by Dylan Baker's avatar Dylan Baker

meson: Use cmake to find LLVM when building windows

It might be better to have a command line option for this.

We don't use cmake normally because it always results in static linking.
This is very problematic for *nix OSes which expect shared linking by
default, but for windows this isn't a problem as LLVM doesn't support
shared linking on windows anyway.
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......@@ -1381,7 +1381,10 @@ else
with_gallium_opencl or _llvm == 'true'
static : not _shared_llvm,
method : 'config-tools',
# The cmake method always statically links, regardless of what the static
# key above is set to. On windows this doesn't matter as there is no
# support for libLLVM anyway, and the config-tool is hard to use.
method : host_machine.system() == 'windows' ? 'cmake' : 'config-tool',
with_llvm = dep_llvm.found()
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