Commit de4f54db authored by Daniel Schürmann's avatar Daniel Schürmann
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nir/opt_shrink_vectors: reverse iteration order

This pass should be backwards in order to reach the fixed point
in linear time.
parent ebe76ff1
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......@@ -232,8 +232,8 @@ nir_opt_shrink_vectors(nir_shader *shader, bool shrink_image_store)
nir_builder b;
nir_builder_init(&b, function->impl);
nir_foreach_block(block, function->impl) {
nir_foreach_instr(instr, block) {
nir_foreach_block_reverse(block, function->impl) {
nir_foreach_instr_reverse(instr, block) {
progress |= opt_shrink_vectors_instr(&b, instr, shrink_image_store);
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