waylandsink: Ensure correct mapping of area_surface

If the `area_surface` got unmapped when changing to the `READY` or
`NULL` state, we currently don't remap it when playback resumes and
`wp_viewporter` is supported. Without `wp_viewporter` we do remap
it, but rather unintentionally and also when not wanted.

On Weston this has not been a big problem as it so far wrongly maps
subsurfaces of unmapped surfaces anyway - i.e. only the black
background was missing on resume. On other compositors and future
Weston this prevents the `video_surface` to get remapped.

Shuffle things around to ensure `area_surface` is mapped in the
right situations and do some minor cleanup.

See also wayland/weston#426

Part-of: <gstreamer/gstreamer!1483>
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