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waylandsink: Ensure correct mapping of area_surface

If the `area_surface` got unmapped when changing to the `READY` or
`NULL` state, we currently don't remap it when playback resumes and
`wp_viewporter` is supported. Without `wp_viewporter` we do remap
it, but rather unintentionally and also when not wanted.

On Weston this has not been a big problem as it so far wrongly maps
subsurfaces of unmapped surfaces anyway - i.e. only the black
background was missing on resume. On other compositors and future
Weston this prevents the `video_surface` to get remapped.

Shuffle things around to ensure `area_surface` is mapped in the
right situations and do some minor cleanup.

See also wayland/weston#426

Part-of: <!1483>
parent 6ea56e7f
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......@@ -43,6 +43,8 @@ G_DEFINE_TYPE (GstWlWindow, gst_wl_window, G_TYPE_OBJECT);
static void gst_wl_window_finalize (GObject * gobject);
static void gst_wl_window_update_borders (GstWlWindow * window);
static void
handle_xdg_toplevel_close (void *data, struct xdg_toplevel *xdg_toplevel)
......@@ -454,12 +456,19 @@ gst_wl_window_render (GstWlWindow * window, GstWlBuffer * buffer,
wl_surface_damage_buffer (window->video_surface_wrapper, 0, 0, G_MAXINT32,
wl_surface_commit (window->video_surface_wrapper);
if (!window->is_area_surface_mapped) {
gst_wl_window_update_borders (window);
wl_surface_commit (window->area_surface_wrapper);
window->is_area_surface_mapped = TRUE;
} else {
/* clear both video and parent surfaces */
wl_surface_attach (window->video_surface_wrapper, NULL, 0, 0);
wl_surface_commit (window->video_surface_wrapper);
wl_surface_attach (window->area_surface_wrapper, NULL, 0, 0);
wl_surface_commit (window->area_surface_wrapper);
window->is_area_surface_mapped = FALSE;
if (G_UNLIKELY (info)) {
......@@ -486,12 +495,19 @@ gst_wl_window_update_borders (GstWlWindow * window)
GstWlBuffer *gwlbuf;
GstAllocator *alloc;
if (window->no_border_update)
if (window->display->viewporter) {
wp_viewport_set_destination (window->area_viewport,
window->render_rectangle.w, window->render_rectangle.h);
if (window->is_area_surface_mapped) {
/* The area_surface is already visible and only needed to get resized.
* We don't need to attach a new buffer and are done here. */
if (window->display->viewporter) {
width = height = 1;
window->no_border_update = TRUE;
} else {
width = window->render_rectangle.w;
height = window->render_rectangle.h;
......@@ -527,6 +543,10 @@ gst_wl_window_set_render_rectangle (GstWlWindow * window, gint x, gint y,
g_return_if_fail (window != NULL);
if (window->render_rectangle.x == x && window->render_rectangle.y == y &&
window->render_rectangle.w == w && window->render_rectangle.h == h)
window->render_rectangle.x = x;
window->render_rectangle.y = y;
window->render_rectangle.w = w;
......@@ -536,11 +556,8 @@ gst_wl_window_set_render_rectangle (GstWlWindow * window, gint x, gint y,
if (window->area_subsurface)
wl_subsurface_set_position (window->area_subsurface, x, y);
/* change the size of the area */
if (window->area_viewport)
wp_viewport_set_destination (window->area_viewport, w, h);
gst_wl_window_update_borders (window);
if (window->is_area_surface_mapped)
gst_wl_window_update_borders (window);
if (!window->configured)
......@@ -68,10 +68,9 @@ struct _GstWlWindow
/* the size of the video in the buffers */
gint video_width, video_height;
/* this will be set when viewporter is available and black background has
* already been set on the area_subsurface */
gboolean no_border_update;
/* when this is not set both the area_surface and the video_surface are not
* visible and certain steps should be skipped */
gboolean is_area_surface_mapped;
struct _GstWlWindowClass
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