Release notes for tag 0.2.0





  • Remove a port from a node when its possible (Presence support)
  • Implement graphview unit test
  • Add a css class for pad (presence always or sometimes)
  • Add properties to Port to store some specific value (ie Caps)
  • Unable to connect a port which is already connected
  • Unable to connect port with same directions (in/in, out/out)


  • Add seek support
  • Use of gtk4paintablesink


  • Check that a node accepts to create a port on request (input/output)
  • Render the parse launch line in a message box
  • Prevent to create a pad in an element without the template
  • Check the pipeline validity
  • Save node position in XML
  • Auto-save the graph
  • Logger in file/app all over the app
  • Property window in the main window
  • Connect the GPS status to GST status
  • Display position and duration
  • Seek to position with slider
  • One listbox with elements and one listbox with favorites in the app dashboard
  • See the link creation with a dashed line
  • Display pad properties with tooltip hover
  • Add preferences dialog
  • Create a window for the video output


  • Icon install
  • Flatpak infrastructure