Commit 3c5394b6 authored by Connor Abbott's avatar Connor Abbott
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freedreno/a6xx: Name texture descriptor bit

This appears to do the same thing as CLAMPENABLE on a3xx. That is, it
clamps the result to [0, 1] for unorm formats and [-1, 1] for snorm
formats *after* filtering. In particular it's now more easily observable
with cubic filtering, because cubic filtering can produce values outside
the original range. Presumably this only matters with linear filtering
due to rounding errors when computing the weighted average.
parent e86ce98c
......@@ -3753,8 +3753,13 @@ to upconvert to 32b float internally?
<bitfield name="LOD_BIAS" low="19" high="31" type="fixed" radix="8"/><!-- no idea how many bits for real -->
<reg32 offset="1" name="1">
<!-- bit 0 always set with vulkan? -->
<bitfield name="UNK0" pos="0" type="boolean"/>
<bitfield name="CLAMPENABLE" pos="0" type="boolean">
clamp result to [0, 1] if the format is unorm or
[-1, 1] if the format is snorm, *after*
filtering. Has no effect for other formats.
<bitfield name="COMPARE_FUNC" low="1" high="3" type="adreno_compare_func"/>
<bitfield name="CUBEMAPSEAMLESSFILTOFF" pos="4" type="boolean"/>
<bitfield name="UNNORM_COORDS" pos="5" type="boolean"/>
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