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      Fix usage of multiple actions to determine if user interaction is needed · e6984fdf
      Vincent Untz authored
      We make it possible for one specific dbus method to use multiple actions
      to know if user interaction is needed.s
      It used to work before without doing any specific, but with the port to
      PolicyKit 1, we need to specify that the first actions (until the last
      one) cannot use user interaction. So if the user is authorized for them,
      it will just work, else we'll check for the following actions.
      User interaction is only acceptable for the last action, which is the
      minimal one required.
      For example: to enable a printer, the fine-grained privilege
      printer-enable is enough, but if it requires user interaction, we'll
      skip it and go straight to the printer-X-edit action, which makes it
      possible for the user to do more changes -- we won't ask for
      authentication to enable it, and then again to change an option.
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      Update .gitignore · 71ba5b17
      Vincent Untz authored
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      Remove validation of policy file with polkit-policy-file-validate · 71b3d247
      Vincent Untz authored
      This was pre-PolicyKit 1. There's no equivalent now.
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