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[release] 0.1.0

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Version 0.1.0
+ Port to PolicyKit 1. (Marek Kasik, Vincent)
+ Add DevicesGet method. (Marek Kasik, Vincent)
+ Add JobCancelPurge method. (Marek Kasik)
+ Support adding printer without device URI. (Tim Waugh)
+ Add check for string length in validity checks. (Vincent)
+ Improve performance of job-related methods. (Marek Kasik)
+ Make sure to correctly handle all CUPS replies. (Vincent)
+ Avoid timeout on job-related methods for invalid jobs. (Vincent)
+ Always return a non-empty error string in case of failures. (Vincent)
+ Remove GTK+/GIO requirements. (Vincent)
+ Minor fixes and improvements in tests. (Vincent)
+ Code cleanups. (Vincent)
+ Build system improvements. (Vincent)
Version 0.0.4
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