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policy: get the DHCPv4 hostname from the FQDN option

Read the 'fqdn-hostname' option that carries the FQDN assigned by the
server to the client when the 'host-name' option is not found
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......@@ -887,6 +887,9 @@ update_system_hostname(NMPolicy *self, const char *msg)
dhcp_hostname =
info->IS_IPv4 ? "host_name" : "fqdn_fqdn");
if (dhcp_hostname == NULL && info->IS_IPv4) {
dhcp_hostname = nm_dhcp_config_get_option(dhcp_config, "fqdn_hostname");
if (dhcp_hostname && dhcp_hostname[0]) {
p = nm_str_skip_leading_spaces(dhcp_hostname);
if (p[0]) {
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