1. 06 May, 2000 1 commit
    • Keith Packard's avatar
      Lots of Tiny-X changes: · 3731c184
      Keith Packard authored
      Add overlay support in the Tiny-X Savage4 driver (required changing lots of
          Tiny-X code). Savage4 now support 8/16, 8/32 overlays.
      Add IGS Cyberpro 5050 driver. This chip has bus support for embeded
  2. 23 Feb, 2000 1 commit
  3. 30 Dec, 1999 1 commit
  4. 19 Nov, 1999 1 commit
    • Dirk Hohndel's avatar
      3336. Fx up new MMIO macros (#3337, Matt Grossman). · f13b792a
      Dirk Hohndel authored
      3335. Clean up compiler warnings in lib/font/bitmap (#3411, Matt Grossman).
      3334. TGA fixes, add sync on green (#3410, Matt Grossman).
      3333. Fix NULL pointer dereference in libXaw (#3406, Christopher Sekiya).
      3332. Add Rage128 support (#3405, Rik Faith, funded by ATI).
      3331. Add MTRR support for NetBSD and OpenBSD. Add new NetBSD aperture
          driver (#3404, Matthieu Herrb).
      3330. Xterm patch #121 (#3402, Thomas Dickey).
      3329. Rendition driver bugfixes and alpha related cleanups (#3400, Dejan
          Ilic, Marc Langenbach, Egbert Eich).
      3328. Add void input device (#3392, Frederic Lepied).
      3327. Changed the Xon serial option to be able to select xon/xoff for
          input, output or both. Add support for Graphire models. Change wacom
          init phase to use new Xoff option (#3391, Frederic Lepied).
      3326. Change the SwapAxes option to SwapXY in elographics/microtouch driver
          to match an already existing option in the Dynapro driver. Add a Focus
          class capability to the elographics driver (#3395, Patrick Lecoanet).
      3325. Update mouse rate handling (#3388, Harald Koenig).
      3324. Fix NULL pointer dereference in misprite.c (#3380, Edward Wang).
      3323. Add FBDev and ShadowFB support to glint driver. Add new option
          "NoWriteBitmap" (#3383, Michel Daenzer).
      3322. Update SuperProbe to handle S3 Savage4, Savage200 and clean up
          Trio3D/Savage3D detection (#3382,3384 Harald Koenig).
      3321. Add new framebuffer code and tiny X DDX architecture (#3379, Keith
      3320. Add DGA2 documentation (#3378, Mark Vojkovich).
      3319. Update XFree86 manpage wrt -bpp/-depth/-fbbpp (#3377, Andy Isaacson).
      3318. Make SuperProbe check primary cards, only (#3374, Harald Koenig).
      3317. Add SilkenMouse to *BSD (#3373, Matthieu Herrb).
      3316. Allow SilkenMouse to work if not all drivers of an OS support SIGIO
          (#3372, Keith Packard).
      3315. Fix a few problems in TGA driver and add support for backing store
          and SilkenMouse (#3371, Matt Grossman).
      3314. Add smarter scheduler (#3370, Keith Packard).
      3313. Xterm patch #120 (#3369, Thomas Dickey).
      3312. Enable xf86SetKbdRate function on Solaris 8 (#3364, David Holland).
      3311. Fix some bugs and add acceleration to Rendition server (#3360, Dejan
      3310. Make raw DDC information available as properties in the root window
          (#3357, Andrew Aitchison).
      3309. Fix for xf86CreateRootWindow (#3355, Andrew Aitchison).
      3308. Add manpage for the chips driver (#3353, David Bateman).
      3307. Update contact info (#3352, Andrew van der Stock).
      3306. Add kbd rate support for Linux (#3363, Harald Koenig).
      3305. Update Portuguese XKB map (#3351, Joao Esteves, Francisco Colaco).
      3304. Fix text clipping in 3dfx driver (#3349, Henrik Harmsen).
      3303. Fix S3 ViRGE hw cursor (#3348, Harald Koenig).
      3302. Fix clipping in 3dfx driver (#3342, Daryll Strauss).
      3301. Enable SilkenMouse for 3dfx driver (#3341, Henrik Harmsen).
      3300. Enable SIGIO support on LynxOS (#3339, Thomas Mueller).
      3299. Get TRUE defined in sigio.c. Fix xterm compile problem on ISC (#3338,
          Michael Rohleder).
      3298. Correct DPMS suspend/standby modes for 3dfx driver (#3336, Henrik
      3297. Xterm patch #119 (#3335, Thomas Dickey).