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    721. PCI chip ID updates to ATI driver (Marc La France). · 367cab99
    Marc Aurele La France authored
    720. Fix i810 driver for -probe and -configure (Marc La France).
    719. Change message when default modes are deleted (Marc La France).
    718. Fix Xinerama byte swapping bug (Marc La France).
    717. IA-64 and Alpha fixes for pswrap, Mesa, DRI, Xpm, libX11, Xt, Xaw,
        Xmu, dps, Type1 fonts, cfb24, most output drivers, ELF loader, ramdac
        module, xf4bpp and xf86cfg (Marc La France).
    716. Improve IA-64 support by removing a plethora of 32-bit'isms (Marc La
    715. Default HasLinuxDoc to NO (Marc La France).
    ident lines and warning fixes.