Commit 0c02573f authored by Elliott Sales de Andrade's avatar Elliott Sales de Andrade Committed by Albert Astals Cid

regtest: Fix iteration through dictionary on Py3.

parent 98a84ba8
......@@ -296,15 +296,11 @@ class HTMLReport:
results[root] = TestResult(self._docsdir, self._refsdir, self._outdir, root, files, backends)
tests = results.keys()
failed_anchors = []
failed = ""
crashed = ""
failed_to_run = ""
for test_name in tests:
test = results[test_name]
for test_name, test in sorted(results.items()):
if test.is_failed():
failed += test.get_failed_html()
......@@ -84,8 +84,7 @@ def print_help():
print("Commands are:")
commands = [(, x.description) for x in _commands.values()]
commands = sorted((, x.description) for x in _commands.values())
for name, description in commands:
print(" %-15s %s" % (name, description))
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